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Jaaga Study Oneness

At its core we live simply in nature, learn from the internet, do yoga & social service. Students live with me on an organic farm near Bangalore. I have a regular yoga practice & invite students to practice along side me. We learn programming by taking online classes and working on social service tech projects through Code For India. Living on the farm forces us to take more responsibility for our necessities. We build our own temporary living structures, set up solar panels, grow food, and manage our water and waste. We are light foot-print and semi-nomadic. The land we occupy remains farmable when we move on. I am focused on mobile technology right now using existing services & tools, and doing custom development. The core learning path I am promoting to people ready to get into coding starts with CodeAcademy, then HackerRank, then the Udacity Android Nano Degree material. To gain experience we connect with NGOs around and help them use technology effectively. We also participate in some blue sky projects like the Learning X-Prize where we imagine, design and develop solutions. *** our basic routine is: 8am yoga (1hr) 10am study (3hrs) 2pm projects (3hrs) additionally I do: 7am pranayam 630pm bhajans 730pm meditation *** I'm not charging any fee / don't make money on this. I'll cover expenses for people who do yoga with me and spend 15 hours a week volunteering around the farm and working on social service projects. If people have their own idea of what they want to study or projects they want to work on, I'm still likely happy to have them participate in our community, but they'd need to pay about 6000 rs / mo. for food and internet. *** There are no strict prerequisites. To begin taking online coding classes people will need to speak English with some proficiency. I haven't worked with non-English speakers yet, but am open to take a couple on and have them begin by using Android applications, translating online material, and learning English. *** I'm inviting people in now. I'll operate here from Bangalore until late March. I'll continue the program up in Dharamshala in April & May. I'll go to the states for 4 months June - September and encourage students to do an internship, volunteer with an NGO or develop out their own pet project. I'll restart on a farm near Bangalore the following October.