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Data release: Time it takes to do Self-Paced Courses

At Jaaga Study, we have 16 students working on different courses on Web and Mobile development. This release aims at showing how different students, studying in the same environment, do these courses. This is probably the first work on documenting how much time it takes to do self-paced courses.
Let’s start with Codeacademy’s Javascript track. Four students had taken this course. The time taken ranged between 7 to 14 days. On the HTML-CSS track, 5 students could cover the course between 3 and 7 days. Six of our students took the DASH course on General Assembly, which lasted, on an average, 4-5 days. This is a CSS course.
Some of our students took up introductory Java on Udemy, as a pre-requisite for learning Android. They completed the first 40 lectures of 72 in a period of 7 days. One of them managed to pull it off in 3 days.
Moving on to CodeSchool. Some of the students started on the HTML-CSS track which consists about 6 courses. Front End Formations averaged at 3 days, CSS Cross Country at 4 and Assembling SASS at 4. Journey into Mobile has a big range of 1 to 6 days to complete the course. Fundamentals of Design takes about 3-4 days, whereas Assembling SASS 2 has big scale too, where in some took 3 days to finish it while one student took about 9.
Some students are also on the Javascript track on Codeschool. Just like HTML, Javascript has multiple courses within the track. Javascript Roadtrip 1 and 2 have an average completion time of 3 days. Javascript Roadtrip 3, being quiet tough took about 2 weeks for some and about 8 days for others.

Factsheet –  Self Paced Courses – Duration Analysis