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Jaaga Study Badges

Right now we rely on online classes for assessment. Coursera, CodeSchool, CodeAcademy, EdX … all provide badges or certificates that represent to the world that someone understands a subject.

This is great and super easy for us, but it doesn’t address a couple of uses I feel are important. Students often want to do small projects, or go through tutorials, or take classes that don’t give certificates. While these are valid learning exercises, they make it difficult for us to track a students learning progress and represent their learning to the rest of the world. The existing certificates also don’t answer the question of whether a student is ready to perform a certain role. ie. ‘can build database driven website’, ‘can build an android application’. This might be more like a ‘rank’ than a badge. I see a need for this as I get inquiries from people wondering whether #JaagaStudy students can do projects for them.

We need to develop #JaagaStudy badges to cover these other use cases. When students want to get off the well trod path of MOOCs they need to define a workshop that covers what they want to study, how they’ll study it, what the outcomes will be, how we can measure it, and then have a badge for how we can represent it.

Students have already asked for workshops on some foundation subjects like php, sql, linux & git. As we prepare these workshops we need to do this other stuff and create badges for them. I have to admit this scares me a bit as it creates significant additional work.