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Jaaga Study 4 Year Program

The goal of Jaaga Study is to introduce people to a natural way of life, help them develop a healthy productive routine based largely on yoga, and instill practical skills for creating a comfortable physical environment, and digital skills with which they can positively affect the world and earn money.

I’d like to work with a broad range of people who may be interested in this including those who don’t have great English or any technical knowledge as of now. I’d also like to make this available to people at a younger age before the full weight of adult responsibility lands on them.

Towards this I am establishing a 4 year track to becoming a digital professional open to people ages 17 – 20. Fluent English is not a requirement to join, but this is an English medium program so non English speakers will need to dedicate themselves to learning.

As we’ll be working with younger students and have more time we can put more energy to developing fundamentals. People may spend the majority of their first year learning math on Khan Academy and learning English by listening to Salman Khan explain new concepts. Khan Academy also has a good intro to computer programming section so this will provide a good transition into software development.

Another area we can put more time into with a longer program is learning how to use existing applications effectively to solve problems. We’ve started helping field staff NGOs use Android tablets to be more effective. With a four year program we can take the time to master a number of common useful applications that can help streamline any process.

I would like to make this almost free, with the student doing some online fundraising and digital work to earn money to cover core living expenses.

Students should graduate with an online business which earns enough money to cover their minimal expenses, and sufficient technical skills to get a job in a Bangalore startup doing meaningful technical work.

People in this track will spend October thru March working from a farm near Bangalore, April and May participating in Code Camp up in Dharamshala, and then volunteering with an NGO or interning with a startup from June – September.

The next batch will begin with CodeCamp starting April 1 in Dharamshala. If you’re interested sign up. Please mention that you want to participate in the 4 year Jaaga Study program when you fill out the form.