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Jaaga Study 2014: Highlights

December is here and it is a great time for us to reflect and assimilate the year gone by.
2014 has been an incredible journey for Jaaga.
As Jaaga Study begins to settle at the new farm off Sarjapur Road, here are some of the highlights from the year long program.

We’ve had a total of 26 students who have participated and spent significant time with the program. Here’s their journey summed in graphs.

Our students represented more than 10 states of India.
And an international student from Mombasa, Kenya!

We’re trying our best to have a more balanced gender ratio.
** Majority are fresh graduates. Age diversity spanning over a decade! **
**About 20 percent start their journey into tech with us.
** Students graduate at different times to start their own ventures, pursue higher education and get jobs. Most complete the year long program.

Student Assessment
How do we measure student learning progress? This was particularly challenging because of the breadth and diversity of what students had explored. The idea was not just to assess depth but capture breadth too. We wanted to use methods that could accommodate our students’ diverse skills sets. We finally came up with two fold assessment process:
Self Assessment: With suggestions from the students we defined a set of parameters categorized broadly into Programming Languages, Frameworks and Tools. A scale of 1-5 was defined and agreed on for each of the categories based on increasing levels of proficiency. 23 students participated in this exercise and assessed themselves on all parameters.
Expert Assessment: To get an objective expert evaluation on how industry ready the students were we reached out to Shyam Purkayastha. Shyam is an independent technology consultant and mentor with over 13 years of industry experience. He has experience working with corporations come up with assessment systems for employee training. (

Shyam came up with an independent set of parameters from the industry stand point. He then conducted detailed interviews with each student at the Jaaga Farmhouse and also looked at each of their GitHub repositories and gave his assessment. 12 current students who were living at the Jaaga Farmhouse participated in this exercise. Here are the results for Self & Expert Evaluation.

Skill levels before and after the program, based on Self Assessment.
For a richer representation of the relative skill level of the batch across parameters we have used the sum of the individual ratings. For example for the parameter HTML each of the student ratings would be added for all students (Student A rating + Student B rating + Student C + …) to arrive at the total of 89. Therefore we get an overall score for each of the parameters for a net maximum of 23(total students) * 5(maximum rating) = 115

**Expert evaluation of the class for Industry readiness. **
Data represents sum of expert assessment scores for 12 students. Scale: 1-5. Maximum limit: 12*5 = 60