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Jaaga Sketchup Files

Here are some sketchup models of pallet rack structures I have built or contemplated. This was an early model of Jaaga on Double Rd.
This was a model for a high density rural Jaaga on rural land outside Bangalore.
This was the pyramid I built with Disorient at Burningman 2013 You can see pictures and videos too.
This was an early suggestion for the burningman pyramid. This is a later model of Jaaga on Double Rd.
Models were primarily developed by Nina Pyramid Concept was done by Disorient camp architect The Eye and was part of the Urban Plan I don’t have the associated sketchup file. But here is a simple Costing Analysis I did for a minimal structure. At a bare level it says alittle more than 5 Lakh inr for a 2000 sq. ft structure or ~300 rs / sq. ft.