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Jaaga Penthouse / Jaaga Banana Plantation

If you drive along Double Road, pass the Shanti Nagar bus station, towards the dusty flyover that takes you deeper into the heart of Bengaluru, you will see a strange sight. Amidst the urban jungle of the third largest city in India there lies a malleable work of art that’s changing day by day. Rack by rack she sheds, beautiful as ever, revealing the intricacy of the interior. Jaaga is disappearing from Double Road, and quickly.

[![beams](]( Credit: Pinky Gandhi
In this place, for the last two years, Jaaga Double Road has supported community events and workshops, hundreds of coworkers working on hundreds of projects and startups, and countless cups of liquid conversations doled out by the café workers in the form of coffee.

At a crew meeting in Malleswaram a few weeks ago, crowded around a coffee table for 8 hours sustained only by Chinese take out and spiced ragi rusks, our crew collectively decided to recklessly reach for the stars, or in our case, the mangoes.

We decided that our next avatar, Jaaga’s third since its creation in 2009, will be on not just one but two campuses. Fulfilling a long held dream, Jaaga will expand to rural India while maintaining, of course, an urban presence.

Our urban Jaaga is a gorgeous penthouse on Richmond Road. White arches, natural light and green trees overhanging beautiful balconies: it’s our dream penthouse. Coworking for select alumni has already begun as the Jaaga crew buzzes around them to finish fixing the place up for our official opening in January. Cleaning, repairing, furniture shopping.

[![Photo Credit: Pinky Gandhi](]( Credit: Pinky Gandhi
We are currently planning to decorate our space with a selection of interesting pieces by local furniture designers. As a gathering point for creative entrepreneurs, designers, artists and freelancers we want to be iterative and participatory. We hope to be a place for local designers to showcase their work. So here’s a shout out to talented local interior and furniture designers to come over and collaborate with us on this project of love!

The new Jaaga Startup program at the Penthouse is an incubator for creative entrepreneurs. As a collaborative community space we seek to connect entrepreneurs and designers, support their endeavors through workshops and networking events, as well as to provide a creative, comfortable working space in the center of Bangalore.

Jaaga’s Study program at the Banana Plantation lies an hour from the Penthouse. Tucked away in the south of Bangalore, nestled near the Valley School, the 6.5 acre farm is an oasis complete with a natural pool. It offers a real retreat from the distractions of urban life and a deep dive into Jaaga Study’s one year program which launches in late January. The pallet racks will be reconstructed as a learning space for the first batch of 20 students that begin courses on January 20th, 2014.

Banana Plantation

Away from the chaos of Bangalore, these 20 students will use online classes to learn computer programming skills with the help of industry specific mentors and coaches. Peer led projects will give the students the real experience of working for a tech startup.

Jaaga’s location on Double Road will be missed sorely. But as we move into Jaaga’s third avatar – Jaaga urban, Jaaga rual – Jaaga Penthouse, Jaaga Banana Plantation – Jaaga Startup, Jaaga Study – we are excited and convinced about our future, and can’t wait to get started.

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