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Jaaga Innards

Jaaga deconstruction has officially begun. The Auditorium, our cavernous red heart, is now open, visible to the world. Our innards, normally concealed deep in our red and blue body, are beautifully on display to the coworkers that continue to work around the barely concealed chaos. It’s strangely refreshing, as if our insides are getting a breath of fresh air. The musty, dust covered Audi is seeing the light of day fully for the first time in two years. The Jaaga team can see through the ceiling to coworkers on one side and the auditorium on the other, transparency in the most literal sense. The metaphor for the jump we are taking as an organization could not be clearer. Jaaga has taken an enormous leap of faith moving into our next phase of development and our heart is on our sleeve for our community. We’ve bought not just a new penthouse at the center of the city to act as an incubator for creative entrepreneurs, but also an entire banana plantation outside of the city for our study program. Simultaneously we are maturing into a fully sustainable organization, a startup in our own right. We are doing a whole lot of evolution in a very short period of time and risking everything in the process. Our heart is on our sleeve and our guts are hanging out quite literally. Call us crazy but here we are Bangalore. Ready or not. Here goes nothing.