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/ Freeman

IT Track

I am much enamored with Khan Academy right now. The easy problems are easy enough so that everyone can do them. The hard problems difficult enough so that very few can do them, and there are enough tasks on the way to keep a motivated person challenged.

While I am still a week or so a way from real practical experience khan academy makes me feel confident i can manage a class. Khan Academy provides a baseline of activity that everyone can get started with. I see myself onboarding students, and then them progressing through these challenges on their own. While I’m sure my vision is naive, that I can visualize it enables me to start doing it.

Khan Academy has also expanded with excellent courses for computer programmers, so it provides a clear progression of small achievable specific tasks from wherever you are to working in computer programming.

Other masala can be added around the edges: Puzzle Games, Spread Sheets, Project Management, Graphs and Reports.

The complement of this also seems clear. Its a focus on language and communication, especially as mediated through the internet. People can get started with English Leap or Duo Lingo. People can translate KhanAcademy videos and wordproblems into their own languages with help from Google. The communications track naturally grows into creating and managing facebook pages and events, creating videos and crowdfunding campaigns, blogs and websites.

If captial were the special deity of trade, the internet would be the deity of communication.