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Inviting Digital Nomads

Inviting Digital Nomads to Jaaga Study.
Digital Nomads – financially self sufficient through digital means with the flexibility to live and work anywhere with reliable wifi.

This is a chance to live in a beautiful natural environment and connect with the exciting technology scene in Bangalore.

This could be for people who are freelancing or working the online job boards. This could be small teams who want to live cheap and go heads down on a startup idea. This could be motivated individuals who want to take time off to level up their skills taking challenging online classes.

We have an organic cyber fantastic vibe. People are encouraged share their knowledge, and their cyber fantastic selves.

Access costs 10,000 Inr for a 30 day pass. A 30 day pass is the only pass available. This includes access to the facilities, a tent & camping space, water, electricity, and basic internet. We have a kitchen and offer a meal plan at additional charge.