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Of Conferences and OffSites.

Few have paid Rs. 500 for an Auto ride.

Unlike the last conference I attended, (Learning Society’s UnConference) I was not entirely convinced about attending the INK conference. Or the INKLive to be more precise. LSUC is more democratic. Anybody can be a speaker or host their workshop. (I did both!)

The concept of INKLive is a unique experiment. I’m impressed by its existence. Imagine: You travel 550 km to watch a Cricket match (Football, if you prefer) but you end up watching the game on a screen!(Not even the screen in the stadium!) Well, with other fans of course. That’s INKLive.

I have been wondering if there’s a change in impact when you listen to a person on stage versus a screen? Especially in the context of lectures. If you get the point irrespective, then it might mean that live lectures are irrelevant?

At a conference I’m confused what to do at any given point of time. Should I be listening to the talks or spend time outside meeting new people?

Or should I be participating in all the workshops?

Or just focus on being in the moment and having a good time?

Or may be participate in the contests?

Oh, by the way,I should be tweeting about what’s happening with the appropriate #tags? Ah!

But the conference taught me more than a thing or two. I have begun to really appreciate what Grallo’s vision is and why they exist. Unless you face the need you will never get it.

I learnt that there are no sleeper trains in the US. But it has the largest rail network in the world. Here are some other interesting stats.

The most cherished and fruitful moments are the connections you make with people, their passion, vision, ambition.

Thanks to this trip I have eaten more prawns than all my life combined.

I was part of the most expensive auto ride of my life.

I saw the remains of a dream. I saw that you have to keep trying. And sometimes you will be alone and that the Team is waiting for you just a few months away. Unfailing.