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Jaaga Study** is an intensive one year program designed to help young people become solid software developers who are financially independent and can create the next generation of web and mobile applications.The formal education part of the program leverages the amazing classes the worlds top universities have made freely available online. We add to this a local collegiate environment and access to coaches and technical experts who can help them navigate their academic path and overcome problems.

During the program students also establish personal profiles on internet job boards such as oDesk, and spend a portion of their time each week executing paid work online. In this way students gain confidence in their ability to earn money when necessary. They also get very clear about the value of further education which enables them to perform more complex higher paying tasks.

Lastly students explore entrepreneurial ideas and execute team projects during the program. Through this they get experience with the entire life-cycle of a software project, gain empathy for clients they may work with, and gain confidence to join or do a technology startup, and hopefully develop a love for technology and the useful and fun things it enables.

Students learn process and tools which are currently used in the software industry. They develop a visible record of projects they worked on and code they have written which they can talk about to potential clients, employers, partners. We believe how a person ‘Googles’ is the new resume, and we work hard to make sure students can be proud of what comes up when someone types in their name.

This is a physical campus based program for people passionate about technology and willing to work full time for one year to become professional software developers. The program costs 10,000 rs / month. This pays for the coaches, experts, facilities, internet and activities that participants use during the program. We have a financial aid program that helps defer this cost and up to Rs.10,000/month in living expenses until the person graduates and has a job.

Jaaga Study will be launching in January 2014. Apply Now.
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