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HIRING: Program Co-ordinator, Public Arts


About Jaaga DNA

Jaaga is a Bangalore based organization founded in 2009. We at Jaaga DNA (Design+Networks+Arts) work on bringing closely curated and managed contemporary art into public spaces in Bangalore. We run programs to support contemporary creatives in addressing urban issues through researched arts and design practice. Since our inception we have been frontrunners in the field of engaging communities, private stakeholders and government bodies to enable art and design practice to emerge in public space. TheJaaga Crewcomprises of passionate professionals with Masters and PhDs from top-tier colleges like NID, Berkeley, Harvard, IIT and Sorbonne, who are dedicated change-makers.

Past Projects

  • Urban Avant-Garde: Urban Art in public spaces that also featured experimental dance performances, workshops, lectures, video screenings and music. The Urban Avant-Garde presented contemporary Indo-German artists from various disciplines, who expanded urban cultures’ modes of expression in unconventional ways.
  • Investment Zone: A participatory public art and reality game. Ten citizens in Geselkirchen (Germany) and ten citizens in Bangalore were invited to make use of a plot of abandoned land and transform it over the course of six months. Participants came together every two weeks to deliberate, discuss and invest in the development of the plot, located under the KH Double Road Flyover, a major traffic artery.
  • Yellow UFO (Under the Flyover), located in Richmond Town: passers-by and people from the community were invited to pose in response to the idea of “play” with objects of joy in a participatory art process. This resulted in a colorful and eye catching artwork.

For more information go to our Facebook Pageand the DNA Page

The Year Ahead

In the next year, we look to engage with communities, sponsors, cultural organizations and artists at two UFO spaces, creating programs and fundraising for each space’s requirements. We have recently been awarded some prestigious grants towards public art projects that will be executed by September 2016. We also conduct discursive events like panel discussions, speaker sessions, exhibitions and workshops periodically to address themes that are relevant to our work. Our public art projects will include international artists as well as local artists through artist residencies.


We are currently seeking a Program Coordinator, Public Arts. The selected candidate will work closely with the Program Team to assist in: - The planning, production and logistics management of cultural and artistic events.

  • Ideating on the content of cultural events and artistic projects.
  • Creating proposals to include conceptual thinking, site specific details and budgeting.
  • Undertaking base research for project proposals.
  • Updating consistent social media and PR content.
  • Building up a pool of arts & design professionals to hire in or work with for projects.
  • Liaising with a wide range of people and organisations including local authorities, cultural institutions, companies for sponsorship, freelance professionals and specialist artists.
  • Managing and supporting teams of artists and volunteers.
  • Routine administrative duties including communication and correspondence, managing budgets, account keeping and monitoring management systems.

Skills & Experience


  • A college degree in social sciences, arts/architecture from a recognized institution.
  • Minimum 1-2 years in managing projects, programs or events.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Good organisational skills with ability to work on multiple tasks.
  • Must be able to take instruction, while also being self motivated.
  • Proven ability to manage multiple projects/activities in a dynamic environment.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work with and manage cross-functional teams.


  • Experience and interest in managing public arts projects.
  • Account keeping skills.
  • Leadership skills to manage teams (artists/volunteers)


Last date of application : 25th September 2015. Interviews: 25th-30th September Start Date: 1st October 2015.


INR 30,000/ per month.

How to apply

Please send the following documents to - Cover letter to include career intentions and how this job will help you get there.

  • Resume
  • Portfolio/Illustrations of work