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# Jaaga Hardware Kitchen – the time for hardware is now.

Hardware startups are difficult. Jaaga can help.
We realise there are more barriers to hardware startups than usual. As people who have seen the cycle a few times we believe we can help lower some of these barriers. Our community oriented approach focuses on creating common technology blocks that can be used across applications, sectors and startups. We have equipment to help prototype your ideas and mentors to help you make the right choices – from concept to manufacturing.
Let’s cook something up!
- - - - - -
### You get all the [Jaagarnaut benefits]( "Startup") plus access to
  • Ultimaker 3D printer
  • Arduinos, Pis etc
  • Various wireless modules
  • Fluorometer
  • Benchtop power suppply and solder station
  • Lots more to come!
- - - - - -
### Startup Mentors
##### [![cumulations](,w_300/v1510939573/cumulations_gxwiw5.png?resize=300%2C82)]( "Cumulations")
  • BLE and Android Wear Experts
  • Android/iOS app development
##### [![micrograce](,w_300/v1510939493/micrograce_dbz1st.png?resize=300%2C99)]( "")
  • Wireless and microwave new product development
  • Technical project management
- - - - - -