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Working on GLEXP has really pushed us in a positive direction. Our idea was to put tablets with world class education content on them in front of kids in the communities we live in. This would be valuable on its own, and it would give us context to understand what software we should develop for GLEXP.

We saw that kids loved engaging with the tablets, and would happily spend 60 minutes plus plugging away at math problems if they didn’t have any choice about what app to use.

We saw that the Khan Academy web interface was a bit clumsy for the kids so we focused on developing a ChatBot to teach math and Language. We had great initial success creating Srini a chat interface with a Khan Academy like engine. We generalized the model and introduced new types of bots to the environment most notably ‘Pratham-ji’ which was a bot that would share childrens books Pratham had published under Creative Commons.

Ultimately we didn’t make it as far through the additional chat bots as we would like. We took inspiration from DuoLingo and others who are also doing interesting things with learning language, but we weren’t able to implement this aspect sufficiently.

While the competition closes this evening, I continue to be interested in the space and expect both the Cyberscouts program to continue using tablets to help young kids in rural Karnataka. And that we continue developing the education chat bots. Here are some blog posts from that time: The Initial idea to offer a Code For India Fellowship for people to work on the CFI GLEXP Entry.

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