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We’ve started having evening sessions on I’m a bit fascinated by the array of things you can have done for $5. There are whole categories of people doing technical and graphics work.

One of the startups #JaagaStudy students are currently working on is a student job board. My idea about what made a student job board different than a regular job board was a small granularity around the tasks that students can do. I want my students to be able to earn money in 3 hours without additional expectations. We can sacrifice on price to not have to deal with support and extended features.

Fiverr actually seems to do a good part of this. The price is super low so clients can’t have high expectations about follow on work. Clients also have no expectation that the work will happen instantly. It queues up until people work on it. Many successful fiverr workers have more than a 7 day average wait time on project execution.

The good fiverr jobs take very narrow slices of the startup development life cycle and turn them into gigs with specific deliverables.

  • I will convert wireframes to html
  • I will fix specific html / css, issues
  • I will create a database schema for 3 tables
  • I will create 3 SQL queries …

Workers wait and let these tasks batch up, and then tackle them all at once. In this way they can work for a few hours and earn $30 – $100.

I still think there are ways to innovate in this space, but our first step may be to learn to use and work on well.