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Financial Aid

moved this to a page It costs us more than 10,000 rs / month or 1.2 Lakh / year per student to run this program. We spend this money on salaries, events, conferences, rent / internet / utilities, etc… We recognize that students may not have this money up front so we offer to let students to pay this in monthly payments once they graduate from the program and start earning. We ask students who take advantage of this to commit to paying into the program 10% of their income from the time that they start earning as a software developer until they have paid back 1.2 Lakh + 10% IRR interest. This money goes to enabling learners in the future to participate in the program as well.

Most students need to cover their own living expenses. We have a limited number of 10k / mo. inr scholarships available to women. We also explore ways of earning money online during the program. After 3 – 6 months students may be able to support themselves with a very frugal lifestyle performing these tasks after hours.