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**Q. What is Jaaga?******We are a registered Public Charitable Trust. Go to About Us to read more about us. **Q. What goes on at Jaaga?******A. You can see our Calendar of Events here…yep tons of activities that you can jump right into! **Q. What is Jaaga Juice?******A. Jaaga Juice is an artist hacker collective. Read more about us and our projects here >>Q. How does the Jaaga building look and why is it unique? A. We look super cool and are a nomadic steel structure that uses racking components to create habitable space. Read more about The Living Building Project to know more. **Q. How long did it take to build this building?******A. 15 hours for the skeleton + a month for the flooring, electricals, et al! **Q. Is this structure mobile?******A. Yes, in that it can be dismantled and reassembled in a modular way. We just moved from Rhenius Street to K H Double Road in July-August 2011 **Q. Who are the people who made it happen?******A. This project is spear-headed by Freeman Murray and Archana Prasad. However this would not have been possible without the interest and support of our various collaborators, volunteers, support and the public at large. **Q. How long do you intend to run this project?******A. As long as there is interest from the public, and we feel that Jaaga is relevant. *Q. How do I participate?******A. Find out how by going to our open Participate section. Q. Who funded this project?******A. On an ongoing basis we are supported by our members. Please consider joining. The startup costs were provided by a private grant. We could use more money to make our dreams of providing space to the community, and facilitating technology arts & education. If you can help please contact us at info[at]jaaga.inQ. Is this structure safe?******A. Yes.Certified by leading structural engineers in the city & used by Bosch India Q. How can I use this space?*****A. Go to our open Host Event section. Fill out the application there and you are in, if we select you. If you have further questions email us atinfo[at]jaaga.inQ. None of these answers helped me, what do I do?******A. Email us at  info[at]