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Open Electric Unicycle Expo in Shenzhen, China

I’ll be going back to Shen Zhen at the end of June 2017. I’ve been stopping there on my way between Bangalore and San Franscisco ever since my friends set up Constellation Space a few years ago. On these visits I have visited a few electric unicycle factories, and gone on nice electric unicycle rides through the city with people over there.

For this next visit I’d like to organize an informal tour for Electric Unicycle enthusiasts and resellers from around the world. In my perfect scenario we’d visit a unicycle factory every morning, go on a long ride every afternoon, and in the evening have dinner and attend some of the maker meetups that will hopefully be happening at that time.

Extra points if we can try out electric unicycle races and sports. More extra points if we can have sessions on modding electric unicycles by adding battery packs, more powerful headlights or whatever.

My hope is that these visits would be valueable in helping connect small distributors from around the world with the unicycle vendors. This would give them a chance to see all the products the unicycle manufacturers are puting out, talk with them and each other about the details of running a unicycle business where they come from, share ideas, mods, and skills.

Factories I’d like to visit include:
King Song

Pics from my China Visit

If you’d like to discuss the tour or get updates as the plan develops join the group