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We would like to make this program available to qualified students regardless of their current financial situation. We have designed a financial aid program to provide assistance to our initial batch of students, and structured it as a ‘pay-it-forward’ system in which upon graduating and getting good paying jobs the current students contribute a percentage of their paycheck over 10,000 Rupees to help future students go through the program. In this way we hope to create a financially sustainable system that can grow with tight bonds between generations of students. We need to charge students 10,000 Indian Rupees (Rs.) a month during the one year program to cover our costs. Additionally, we would like to offer them 10,000 Rs. a month as a living stipend so they can focus on their studies. We also need to make a laptop available to them, and would like to buy them a smart phone. Altogether this amounts to about $5000 to help one student go through our one year program. We believe this is a life changing program that will get people on a path where they are creating the next generation of web and mobile applications, earning good money and contributing to society. We need help getting started. We would like to have 50 students in our initial batch, but we need to raise $250,000 to make this happen. Please consider making a donation to help us achieve this goal. We have a 501c3 non-profit organization registered in the United States setup to facilitate these donations. If you are interested in supporting us please contact and we will give you the necessary information.