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Domestic Abuse Awareness Project

The start of 2016 has certainly reflected our ongoing mission of bringing together public art, urban issues and creatives. Day by day, we are exploring ways to co-facilitate public art projects where usage of public space and social messaging shape communities and ownership.Shreya, an enthusiastic 9th grader, just finished a piece in the Double Road UFO space.Shreya and her team committed to conducting research, film documentation and a public awareness campaign on domestic violence for a school project at Canadian International School. They created a video, of illustrations, showcasing various stories heard in primary research from victims of domestic abuse. Shreya, team point of the public awareness campaign part, chose art as a creative medium of expression to share her team’s findings. Shreya further decided to share messaging in a public space which fell outside of her comfort zone. With plenty confidence, she approached the Jaaga DNA crew for creative support after previous interaction with Jaaga in Waste Unwasted Maker Camp at her school and reading about our current public arts projects.With a combination of concept development in Jaaga DNA studio and on site under the flyover, Shreya, her team, parents, teachers executed a public arts piece on domestic violence this past Sunday.

Captures from On-site work

[![Final Artwork ](](*Final Artwork*
Shreya has excitedly shared she wants to study design in college. We certainly enjoyed Shreya’s confidence, raw creativity, empathy to her team’s subject matter and ability to develop her concept based on context of a flyover space.