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Jaaga Study - Dialogue

Past Sunday, we hosted Jaaga Study : Dialogue a day full of stories, Q&As and conversations between students of Jaaga Study and experts.

The day started with experts sharing stories on how they became programmers.

Dheeraj_story Dheeraj shared how ‘cheat programs’ in games got him interested in programming.

Jaaga_Study_Dialogue_Dheeraj Each expert then formed a ‘station’ where students could interact personally.

Jaaga_Study_Dialogue_Nikhil Each station focused on a particular web framework. Nikhil explaining various nuances of the Django Framework.

Jaaga_Study_Dialogue_Febin Febin answered questions on Javascript and recommended a bunch of learning resources.

He is also presenting at JSFoo later this week.

A big shout out to the experts who spent their Sunday with us.

Febin (Boutline), Dheeraj (BangtheTable), Nikhil (HipShip), Niranjan (BeaglesLoft), Tej (MicroGrace) and our very own Shaona from Jaaga Crew.