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CyberScouts in The Singularity

The Singularity will give a chance for the sub communities within Jaaga Study to flourish. So far I’ve been writing about how software bootcamps might work in this environment. CyberScouts has become another core component of our world here, and I would like to make space for it to grow in The Singularity. At Jaaga Study I have mostly been using students of the web development bootcamp to run our community outreach program, as well as to help with our core infrastructure.

In The Singularity The CyberScouts will be a top level camp and can bring people on directly to work on these programs. My target for this is young adults from the local rural area around Bangalore who are unable for academic or financial reasons to attend a top university. My hope is that CyberScouts can be seen as a good first job for these people where they will learn practical skills, English and computer skills while doing community service for The Singularity and surrounding areas. Going forward I intend to make it a