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CodeForIndia Fellowship Options

CodeForIndia Fellows either work from Jaaga Startup – a coworking space in Bangalore city, or the Jaaga Farm on the outskirts.
Fellows working from the city are responsible for their own accommodation. We connect them with local paying guest facilities which range in price from 5k – 8k inr. / month for shared rooms. They may also find more spacious flats, but this requires time, research and luck.

Late September through March CFI Fellows have the option to live and work from the Jaaga Farm. The farm is 20 km from down town Bangalore. Frequent busses come close by. Living here is festival camping style with tents and temporary living structures. A yoga & code school runs on the farm. CFI fellows are welcome though not obliged to take part in their activities. Fellows are asked to volunteer 6 hours a week to the upkeep of the community & mentoring novice students. Staying on the farm is free for CFI Fellows though they need to contribute to the kitchen ~ 5k inr / month for food.

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Jaaga Startup Pics
Jaaga Farm and Electric Unicycle Pics

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