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CodeCamp Getting Started

pics We’ve started the CodeCamp and I’m absolutely thrilled. Ayush is a great partner to work with. Ghoomakad is a wonderful space. There is plenty of camping available as well as built up area. The scenery is amazing with a river running down the back of the property and the mountains jutting up behind us.

With all the water scarcity in Bangalore, its refreshing having so much water around us all the time. Ghoomakad is literally bounded by streams with a constant flow. Unicycling through the mountains is fantastic. The new unicycles we got beep repeatedly when they reach 20 kmh, but they don’t push back in anyway that keeps you from going faster. People occasionally over push on the uphills, but I think it would be pretty tough to over push on the downhill. So for real skiing like high speed slaloms you can’t beat the down hill runs on village roads. Then we basically get a pleasant amble back up the hill instead of a ski lift line. Asphalt is harder than snow, but the unicycle is way way more practical.

We don’t have pallet racks up here (yet) but I’ve come to appreciate the simplicity and frugality of tents on the ground. Architecture affects community, but the tent community is strong.

Most people are getting started with FreeCodeCamp (FCC) and pursuing the web development path. At this point FCC seems to have the most development momentum and a strong community. The feedback from my students is generally positive and has eclipsed as the beginning training platform of choice for web developers. Ayush has experience with Mongo, Express, Angular, Node and is now pushing React pretty hard. I’m happy to have someone on board who is committed to staying ontop of this stack as I’m happy to stick with Java / Android.

We have almost 10 local students which I’m really happy about. There’s almost 10 former Jaaga students here and then about 20 new people from around India. What’s going through my mind right now is how to define the longer Jaaga Study program. I posted about this back in January. I’d like to get people signing up for the fall batch soon.