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Code For India

I’m a believer in the power of the internet to improve peoples lives. To deliver on this promise though we’re going to need to dedicate some talent to it. This has long been a side agenda for me in getting the Study program going. I met the founder of Code For IndiaKarl Metha – on my last trip to California. Their vision is exactly this, and Karl has done a great job already of motivating developers in Silicon Valley to put time into it. I’d like to help drive this in Bangalore and see a number of activities we can do.

  • regular meetups at the Jaaga penthouse on Saturdays. This will give people in Bangalore the chance to meet us, learn about the projects we have going on, and connect with people and projects they want to work with.
  • week long camps at the Jaaga farm
  • ongoing residential fellowships at the farm
  • RSPCT awards for CodeForIndia contributors

We’re just getting started. It will be great seeing a community of social coders develop here.