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Code Camp

We are starting to plan Code Camp 2016.

It’s going to take place at Ghoomakad in Dharamshala. Map.

We’ll have a range of options for accomodation. Ghoomakad itself has 8 rooms or so. We also have 1/2 acre of open land where we’ll pitch tents. There are also a range of other hotels / resorts in the areas and some of the villagers offer homestays as well.

I’m happy for the diversity. With the tents we should be able to bring costs super low, and then people who want to be a bit more fancy can engage at what ever level makes them happy.

It’ll take place for 2 months – April & May 2016 and will lead into HillHacks the last week of May and first week of June. Hill Hacks is an open event where people can drop in and participate as little or as much as they like. For CodeCamp I would like to encourage people to be there for the full two months.

This is a chance to get something significant done. Two months away from the distractions of the city people can work on startup ideas, develop out art projects, work on social service tech projects, or learn software development.

I’ll continue the schedule from Jaaga Study with Unicycle riding, pranayam & yoga in the mornings, and then a sunset dance party followed by bhajans and meditation.

During the day I’ll help people learn Java and push into Android development. Ayush may also mentor people learning JavaScript and React. We encourage other people to give short or long workshops on whatever topics they’re passionate about.

I’ll also be bringing a bunch of electric unicycles. I’m hoping we can zoom around the hillsides and introduce people to the FUTURE as performed with Electric Unicycles, QuadCopters, and Android Tablets.

This is still very much in the early planning phase. If you think you’d like to come, or want to stay informed you can fill out this form.