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Code Camp & Learning X-Prize

I feel I finally have a bit of momentum on our submission for the learning x-prize. I’m hoping we have something very simple we can start putting in front of kids next week.

I’m happy to finally have my head around this and while we’re a bit late to start coding, there is still significant time to turn this into something meaningful both for the Learning X-Prize competition and also for the kids we’re working with around us in Bangalore.

Now that I have a bit of a vision for this I am ready to start recruiting people to work with me to help build it.

The best chance to do this would be to come up to Dharamsala in April and May and spend 2 months in the mountains working hard on this at CodeCamp. I need people to be senior enough to hit the ground running. I’ll be helping another group of people with beginning programming on HackerRank, but I need the people I work with here to be solid.

If you have some experience with software development and you’d like to spend the hottest months of the year up in the mountains with cool people working on a meaningful app please fill out our application.