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Code Camp cont.

**HackerRank. **
These sessions are about getting into and deepening a programming practice. I am very happy with HackerRank for this. The language tracks are great for exploring the different corners of computer programming. The algorithms track is great for general practice and critical thinking. Plus there are tracks for shell programming and AI so it can challenge people with a wide variety of experience and interests. Learning X-Prize.
Work on the CodeForIndia Learning X-Prize entry due in November. All work is open source. Our initial focus is on how to make Khan Academy work effectively on tablets and offline. Augment with language exercises to understand the video tutorials.

Open Source.
work on open source projects you find meaningful:

  • contributing back to a popular open source project
  • building something for an NGO
  • practicing programming concepts
  • prototyping a startup idea.

I encourage people to do yoga with me in the mornings. If you don’t want to do yoga please mention that in your application.

We are trying to keep the cost to participate absolutely minimal. Participants will likely need to pay 8k a month to cover food, internet and rent expenses. There is some variability, details to emerge soon. Women and people from the local area will have these expenses covered for them and will not have to pay anything.

We’ll start having conversations with people and inviting them into the program now. We’ll close applications March 13. There’s limited space, so it may fill up early.

I ask participants to be present for the full duration of the program from April 4 to May 20. They are encouraged to stay for HillHacks the following two weeks.

We’ll mostly be staying in tents on a field in Rakkar village near Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. There will be a small number of rooms available in Ghoomakad which will likely be made available on a pairing basis for some additional cost. Other hotels and homestays are available near by.

Programming Practice is open to people of all skill levels. For the Learning X-Prize I am looking for people with Android or other relevant experience.

If this sounds great to you.

Apply Here

CodeCamp is a partnership of Freeman from Jaaga Study and Ayush from Ghoomakad.