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Coaching - How to Work your way into the Software Industry

I have been saying for some time that Jaaga Study is free, but you should expect to pay about 5,000 rs. per month for food and internet. I would like this not to be the limiting factor though for someone deciding whether to participate. Towards this I’ve been saying that work trade is available for people who can’t afford the fees.

Working your way through college used to be a sign of character in the USA, like walking to school through the snow. When I tried Google to understand whether this was done in India, the first two pages of results all said in bold blue font, 'No, You can't work your way through college anymore (In the USA)'. The articles that mentioned India blamed Indian and Chinese students for driving up tuition prices forcing young Americans into debt. It's one reason why I'm cheering so hard for this internet connected rural Indian lifestyle. If you only had to come up with $100 to survive another month of higher education, many more people would do it. I believe that's the situation that exists in India right now, and that I'm promoting with Jaaga Study.

An option I'd like to champion is 'Coaching'. Helping people, maybe kids, use the internet to learn math, language, computer, and lots of other skills. I imagine coaches carry 20 tablets with them along with a 4g internet router and a bunch of power banks. They visit schools regularly and host internet classes where kids get to go through online learning materials orthogonal to the curriculum being taught by their regular teachers. Coaching classes are conducted in the 'flipped classroom' model. Coaches recommend videos to watch and projects to do, and then wander around helping individuals stuck on some technical or conceptual element. I would like it to work out such that roughly 15 hours a week of this would earn enough to cover expenses as an internet student of higher education in rural India. For Jaaga Study anyway, I can make this happen. I may also look to train local youth (not in Jaaga Study) in coaching with tablets.