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Coach Job Description | Jaaga Study

Jaaga Study is a program conducted by to help people become solid software developers. Jaaga has been serving the arts and technology communities in Bangalore for over 4 years to significant acclaim.

Jaaga Study provides students with a physical campus to work from where they learn software development skills from online classes and build open source software projects like mini tech startups.

Coaches are the backbone of the Jaaga Study program. They support students in their academics by helping them define and maintain an academic plan, get technical help from remote experts, and organize activities. Coaches act the ‘biz guy role’ in the software project / mini tech startup.

Jaaga is looking to hire ambitious business minded people with an interest in technology, education and startups to work with as coaches in our program. Candidates should have great English communication skills, be able to blog articulately, and present to groups of people comfortably. They should be experienced web and mobile users who can create good presentations of ideas and spreatsheets that track budgets and details.

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