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A PERFORMANCE & PARADE UNDER THE RICHMOND TOWN FLYOVER | By Goethe-Instituts BangaloREsident @ Jaaga – Jerome Chazeix

Jérôme Chazeix´s work focuses on the assembling of different media – sculpture, video, music and costume, and their cross-over in form, within the framework of contemporary art installation. Chazeix sketches artworks, the tension of which connect knowledge, design, mediation, visions and reality. The esoteric, the costume and the architecture are the three essential components of his work, alongside community engagement.

For Bangalore, he designs and implements a multi-layered performance called “We Make the City”. A participatory project celebrating the metropolis. He harkens a parade, comprising of architectural sculptures, photo collage, totems and poetic flags carried in public space under the Richmond Town Flyover by costumed people, in a performance dedicated to the city and its inhabitants.

  1. Facebook Event
  2. Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan – Bangalore
  3. Zeix Berlin
  4. Tharangini Studios



Born 1976 in France, Jérôme Chazeix studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Saint-Etienne, Visual Arts at the University of Saint-Etienne from which he graduated with a PhD in 2002, and at the Academy of Fine Arts Berlin-Weißensee. After completing numerous residencies throughout Europe, he chose to settle in Bangalore for three months and work with Jaaga in Bangalore public spaces through the Goethe Institut residency. MORE >>   Jerome_Chaziex