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ChatBot BootCamp & Social Incubator

This program combines a chatbot focused software development bootcamp with a social incubator helping entrepreneurs serve the core needs of their immediate physical communities. You can expect to learn both technical skills that will make you a valuable member of an internet startup, as well as physical ‘real world’ skills that can make you a valued member of a local community.

Our verticals will be things like solar, water, unicycles, pallet racks, water, coworking, colearning, …

We live lightly on an organic farm just outside Bangalore. We learn vertical skills by providing our own core services (food, water, waste, internet). As we take care of our own needs we meet vendors and learn how to use, install and care for our physical infrastructure like water tanks, or solar panels, or pallet racks. We develop opinions about what products are best, and we offer these services to the community.

These vertical services provide the context for learning how to use internet technology effectively. We set up web sites, write software, run programs in the cloud, and collect payments online. We specialize in creating conversational interfaces that can help coordinate between all the actors using voice and text messages.

The incubator is a physical in-person program. You need to be here at the farm from 8am to 5pm Monday – Saturday and are encouraged to live here as well.

This is a long process. But we go in 3 month steps. Every three months we review applications, interview people and make offers to join the incubator. Candidates with significant technical skills may apply directly to the incubator. We also encourage people who would like to join the incubator to spend some time at Jaaga Study as a digital nomad, open learning student, or with the ashram. This gives us a chance to get to know each other, and gives you time to prepare your application for the incubator.