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Bot Camp

This Monday I’ll start a short course on bot development with some of the people here at the Himachal Code Camp.

In this course I’d like to explore some of the different types of conversational agents, brainstorm how different types of applications might make use of this technology, and get some experience building chat agents.

At HillHacks following CodeCamp I’d like to conduct something of a conversational agent hackathon specifically oriented around bots to help young people develop math and language skills. This will hopefully contribute to the CodeForIndia Learning X-Prize submission.

We’ll talk a bit about some of the advances in AI and Natural Language Processing, but won’t be diving into it. For the Learning X-Prize everything needs to work offline so we can’t make use of any cloud APIs.

To begin the course I’d like to review some of the recent talk surrounding conversational agents.

2016 will be the year of conversational commerce

Voice Interfaces Take Off in China
– voice interaction much easier than typing non english characters
– great for people coming online with less english and less computer experience

When will Siri be your Best Friend