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Study camps at Jaaga

The Singularity is where Burningman Style camping meets software bootcamp dedication to learning new technology.

Theme camps really make Burningman happen. Camps provide the tight knit community of people who really share the experience. Working together people in camps create much more amazingness than individuals could alone.

Burningman selects for this. They craft the Burningman experience by curating and placing camps that promise to share with the whole Burningman community.

A number of rituals and traditions have helped establish the culture at Burningman. Now is the time when we establish the traditions that will define the culture of The Singularity.

Study Camps in the Singularity typically orient around a particular technology stack. The primary role of a study camp is to help members master the use of that tech stack.

One way camps do this is by posting a dynamic learning path which provides suggested activities aspirants could engage in to enhance their skills. One way people can tell whether they want to join a camp is by how interesting the activities sound. Ideally activities in the published learning path are freely available online.

Camps also host regular community video screenings for their members and the larger Singularity community. Screenings are the easiest way to share knowledge and values. They bond people together and create a shared history of information and references. All the study camps in the Singularity have screens where they regular show tech talks, Ted talks, Vimeo Staff Picks, and whatever random youtube videos catch their fancy.

Singularity Saturdays. On Saturdays camps are encouraged to offer some introductory free activity to the wider community. This is something that could be a useful skill on its own, and also provides a chance to give to the broader community, meet new people.

Demo Day. At the end of each season each camp takes some time to share about what they’ve done, the achievements of their members, and their plans for the month ahead.

Camps in The Singularity get 100 – 150 square meters of space. They take care of their own infrastructure with the help of core service providers. Internally vendors provide camps with drinking water, tanker water, solar electricity, internet, and waste removal.

The initial study camps will be around Javascript, CyberScouts (Android skills), Electronics, AI&Ethereum, Yoga.

If you like camping and want to learn web, mobile, AI, electronics, yoga or block chain technology let us know. Through learning and sharing we’ll all come up in this together.