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Jaaga Study offers immersive and affordable coding bootcamps. It helps aspiring programmers become industry ready software developers.


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Today all my thoughts & best wishes go to Germany and the federal elections. Let us stay open and connected! During one of my last inspiring roof top chats with Archana, she pointed

Since Friday it is official: I am confused. About my working space. About curation. About art. About politics… So as my contribution for the welcome presentation of bangaloREsidency, I shared my struggle and

…such a sad day to share my thoughts of discovering BANGALORE. I am very numbed with the news of the killing of Gauri Lankesh yesterday evening and don`t have words for this

Hey there,![IMG_3066](,w_225/v1510938849/IMG_3066_qdvsnx.jpg?resize=300%2C225)just arrived in Bangalore for my [residency]

I’ve been visiting Dharamshala regularly since 2006 when AirJaldi hosted a wireless networking conference there. I’ve made good friends along the way and feel connected to the community. The last couple

One of the advantages of recent advances in technology is the reduction in labor and captial expense in getting new initiatives running. Accounting has long been a cumbersome process with peril if some

The Singularity will give a chance for the sub communities within Jaaga Study to flourish. So far I’ve been writing about how software bootcamps might work in this environment. CyberScouts has become

The Singularity is where Burningman Style camping meets software bootcamp dedication to learning new technology. Theme camps really make Burningman happen. Camps provide the tight knit community of people who really share the

Working on GLEXP has really pushed us in a positive direction. Our idea was to put tablets with world class education content on them in front of kids in the communities we live

I’ll be going back to Shen Zhen at the end of June 2017. I’ve been stopping there on my way between Bangalore and San Franscisco ever since my friends set up

I am really happy with the general environment at Jaaga Study. My basic dream from a few years ago to live in nature and help people learn technical skills from the internet has

This program combines a chatbot focused software development bootcamp with a social incubator helping entrepreneurs serve the core needs of their immediate physical communities. You can expect to learn both technical skills that

Like an ashram with an environment of discipline and self development. Jaaga Study maintains a daily routine: 7:30am Pranayama 8:00am Yoga Asana 10:00am Service 2:00pm Study 5:00pm Ecstatic

Inviting Digital Nomads to Jaaga Study. Digital Nomads – financially self sufficient through digital means with the flexibility to live and work anywhere with reliable wifi. This is a chance to live in a

Sometimes I think about Jaaga Study as if it were a festival. Our theme and vibe is one of futuristic nomadism. We use all available technology to live lightly and fabulously on the

This quarter I’m making some changes to how I run the study part of the study program. I’ve decided to give ‘scholarships’ to cover people’s living expenses during their first

The Year Ahead at Jaaga DNA In the next year, we look to engage with communities, sponsors, cultural organizations and artists at our UFO (Under the FlyOver) spaces, creating programs and fundraising for

Jaaga Study Residencies for Fall Quarter (October 3 – December 17) 2016. Apply ChatBots for The CodeForIndia Learning X-Prize entryThis is really just another name for the CodeForIndia Fellowship. I’m trying to gather

The CodeForIndia Fellowship will take place in Bangalore from October 3 – December 17 2016. Fellows will focus on developing bots that can help young people learn math, language and life skills. This will

I’m really happy with our school outreach program. Dolly and Ravi have been doing tablet sessions with 6 different schools and after-school programs each week here in Rakkar, Dharamshala. All the locations

This Monday I’ll start a short course on bot development with some of the people here at the Himachal Code Camp. In this course I’d like to explore some of the

David Huang came over yesterday and helped us trouble shoot some problems we’re having with the current unicycles. It’s been nice having someone with some experience around. It gives us the

pics We’ve started the CodeCamp and I’m absolutely thrilled. Ayush is a great partner to work with. Ghoomakad is a wonderful space. There is plenty of camping available as well as

The start of 2016 has certainly reflected our ongoing mission of bringing together public art, urban issues and creatives. Day by day, we are exploring ways to co-facilitate public art projects where usage

I feel I finally have a bit of momentum on our submission for the learning x-prize. I’m hoping we have something very simple we can start putting in front of kids next

I’d like to reach out to high school students 15 – 17 years of age with our tablet program. This is an age group where I feel people have more capacity for learning

The goal of Jaaga Study is to introduce people to a natural way of life, help them develop a healthy productive routine based largely on yoga, and instill practical skills for creating a

**HackerRank. ** These sessions are about getting into and deepening a programming practice. I am very happy with HackerRank for this. The language tracks are great for exploring the different corners of computer programming.

RSPCT 2016 Awards Ceremony HackerRank Demo Khan Academy Coach Show Olympics Unicycle Racing Go Kart Racing Competitive Meditation Quad Copter Flying Ping Pong

Wow. We’re three days into our first week of going around to local schools and getting kids using apps on low cost Android tablets. The bulk of our tablets are the iBall

One of my goals for the tablet program is to make kids ‘power users’ of this technology. At some level this means learning how to use the tablets to add more joy to

To spur electric unicycle innovation and generate interest around the sport we are hosting Electric Unicycle Races in Bangalore. Tentatively races will be held Friday & Saturday March 18 & 19 2016 at

My friend Shoaona works with Magic Bus here in Bangalore. Magic bus seems to be doing a great job providing after school sports and education development for kids. A few weeks ago I

Right now I am accepting people into Jaaga Study for the quarter running January thru March 2016. This is enough for people to make significant progress towards their goals. For most people completely

We are starting to plan Code Camp 2016. It’s going to take place at Ghoomakad in Dharamshala. Map. We’ll have a range of options for accomodation. Ghoomakad itself has 8 rooms

I have been saying for some time that Jaaga Study is free, but you should expect to pay about 5,000 rs. per month for food and internet. I would like this not

I am offering a limited number of scholarships to people with existing programming experience who want to spend a few months with Jaaga Study going through the Udacity Android Nano Degree material. People

Electric Unicycle Races Bubble Soccer Tournament Rising Festival Announcement MOOC Awards CFI Demos

I would like to get a coach training program going where we recruit and train young people in the local community to bring tablets into schools and run learning sessions with kids. Gear

After more than 8 hours I’m 50% of the way through the Algebra mission on Khan Academy. I have also spent some time installing and playing with KA-Lite. While I’m excited

I have been working with pallet racks for the past 12 years in a number of scenarios. The unifying factor has been a need temporary high density habitable space. LAFCO: The first structure

I’m trying to complete the Algebra Mission on Khan Academy. It’s taking quite some effort. I know most of the math, though occasionally I bump up against some things I don’

I'm looking for souls at the beginning of their adult journey figuring out how to live in this world people leaving home, spreading wings, and flying people who don't have other people immediately

There's a bit of talk in the twitter tech elite about the coming unemployment crisis that will be caused by rapid advances in AI and robotics in the near future. There is a

an invitation is sent to come spend time in nature and do what nurtures there is a description of culture like fat that comes with excess with not having to work for money

I’ve been reading in a number of places lately about different projects involving tablets and education. There are a variety of startups targeting this space. The Learning X-Prize is activating significant intellectual

[A photo posted by @freemanindia]( on Nov 4, 2015 at 2:07am PST Today we went to a local government school where we have a friend running a

Tomorrow is our first session with the local government school. We only have an hour so I want to think through how we will spend that time. My thought is to get started

Your first job matters. If you get (and do well) in your first job as a software developer, no one will care where you went to university or how well you did there.

I love email. I think better in writing than I do speaking. Phone conversations I find especially tiring because of connection problems and lack of context. The Jaaga Study application process is basically

Stephanie’s Slidely

[#jaagastudy]( A photo posted by @freemanindia on Oct 27, 2015 at 2:28am PDT That India is ‘Developing’ makes it an exciting place to be. It is

I am much enamored with Khan Academy right now. The easy problems are easy enough so that everyone can do them. The hard problems difficult enough so that very few can do them,

Yesterday I visited some friends who are teaching kids at a local government village school and have freedom to teach how they want. I’m pitching tablets for everything and may have talked

I’ve long believed in the transformative power of Internet video. Short of direct personal interaction, nothing creates empathy like video. With the internet making videos from anyone available to everyone there’s

I would also like to invite people who are interested in going deep with yoga to come hang out with me for awhile. This is an early day with alot of spiritual practice.

Jaaga Study is a startup prep program designed to help people land jobs with fast growing technology companies in Bangalore. We invite people who have recently graduated from an engineering college in India

Pallet Rack Structure set up at Kumbh Mela as a local administrative center by Sampath Reddy. It’s looking like I’m going to set up an ‘Internet Learning Center’ on my farm.

pics We did our second action taking our bunch of 7 tablets over to another small village near here. We go thru the village on our way to and from the farm so

Riding the electric unicycle and carrying around an external battery bank, I’m getting enamored with personal power. So much of our 21st century identity is based on electricity. To be independent beings

We are semi nomadic teachers and practitioners of technology. We maintain bunches of tablets which we share with kids and communities to help them develop skills and engage with the internet. We are

If you’re trying to get a job in Software right now, Bangalore is a great place to be. Many well funded startups are looking to grow rapidly. While demand is high it

Jaaga Study can suit people who have studied computer science and want to get a job in the software industry. Bangalore is a good place to look for work. It can often take is the best entry level resource. KhanAcademy has also been making good entry level material My focus is on mobile development. Once people get the

At its core we live simply in nature, learn from the internet, do yoga & social service. Students live with me on an organic farm near Bangalore. I have a regular yoga practice

pictures from our first trip into the village. I’m super glad we did this. Some initial observations: - The temple spot under the trees in the village was a good place. It

I’m hoping to visit one of the villages near the Jaaga Farm this weekend. My idea is to let kids play with some of the Android tablets I’ve accumulated. Now we’

[![](]( [Android

People willing to work full time on Code For India projects are invited to stay on the Jaaga Farm. There’s no stipend, but your living expenses including food and internet will be

It’s the tail end of the rainy season in India. This year I decided not to attempt to water proof the whole pallet rack structure. Instead we are all staying in tents

Jaagas’ Founder – Archana Prasad has recently won a grant from a prestigious national arts fund to document and present the oral histories of Malleswaram. The proposal looks to interview a series of people

Jaaga DNA (Design+Networks+Art) leads urban community initiatives that leverage design, tech and art processes towards positive change-making.You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world.

About Jaaga DNA Jaaga is a Bangalore based organization founded in 2009. We at Jaaga DNA (Design+Networks+Arts) work on bringing closely curated and managed contemporary art into public spaces in Bangalore.

I spent June and July working and traveling in Spain and Portugal. My preferred way of seeing a place is walking; walking for hours, for miles and stopping every now and then for

Jaaga DNA is currently hosting senior German artists Jérôme Chazeix and Hermann Miller in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan through their reputed bangaloREsidency program. Jérôme Chazeix Born 1976 in France, Jérôme


While I sip a Starbucks cappuccino in the land of its creation – Seattle, I drink in the city space around me. I’m very far away from my Microsoft Researcher self of 7-8

At Jaaga Startup we get a lot more applications than we can accept into our coworking space. This leads to questions internally about selection criteria, primarily around me-too startups. We have tended to

A quick must read before crafting a Press Release by Julien Newman- Founder of Mayvin, a Jaaga Startup. Points to remember : WHAT IS NEWS? – Happening today and won’t happen tomorrow. -Locally relevant.

A Moving Series of Fixed Points – A guest post by Sofy Yuditskaya The dualities (and discrepancies) between single and multiple point perspective have always been great fun for me to think about. Single

Facebook’s Flux is changing client-side apps How is Facebook’s Flux architecture changing the way we build rich client-side applications? What problems do React + Flux solve? How do they compare to the

Since starting LearnToCode.Social a couple months ago I’ve been following the Learning Path we recommend. I got my badge on HackerRank last week. This week I’m getting started with Android.

We were ecstatic to have Mr. Miguel Martin Romero, Chief Evangelist at OnePlus conduct a talk at Jaaga Startup penthouse. A sneak at what Miguel spoke about, 'OnePlus was born in Dec. 2013.


Mobhe healthcare, a startup at Jaaga recently conducted a ‘Dental check-up’ drive for employees at Jaaga and Babajobs. It was a successful drive with employees of 10 companies signing up with 35 checkups

CodeForIndia Fellows either work from Jaaga Startup – a coworking space in Bangalore city, or the Jaaga Farm on the outskirts. Fellows working from the city are responsible for their own accommodation. We connect

For international people who would like to participate in a CodeForIndia Fellowship we invite you to Bangalore, India for a 3, 6 or 8 month where you’ll develop open source web and

Thoughts on Jaaga Study 2015 – 16 Nomadic Oct – March outskirts of Bangalore April & May Dharmashala Yoga This is an intensely physical program. I believe a strong yoga practice builds discipline, clarity of

Jaaga was very delighted to host LetsVenture’s Press Conference, where they announced the launch of LetsIgnite – an initiative that aims to connect startups to the angel ecosystem. **About LetsVenture: ** LetsVenture is an

This May I’ll be up in Dharamshala helping set up HillHacks and running a Code Camp. With the Code Camp we’ll invite people who are learning web and mobile development to

You are living through the dawn of the internet age ! Much of the wealth in the world was made by people who actively participated in the industrial revolution. The people today who actively


Heads up artists and designer friends of Jaaga: Cynthia Pachikara, an installation artist, is giving a talk about her shadow work at Jaaga’s Penthouse on 24th February 2015. Cynthia Pachikara has been

### Speed recruitment evening for social enterprises What is it? [Babajob]( and [Karmany]( are hosting an [Action For India]( pre-summit event in partnership

This is the docu-art film by Anja Lutz, our most recent German BangaloResident. Part of the Something About Books Book-launch, the film previewed at the location it was made to a very interested

JAAGA loves books and what better than having one of our JAAGA Resident launching her own limited edition notebook called Bangalore A – Z. We’re excited to announce the launch of the book

After spending so much time preparing for the RSPCT event this past Saturday, I feel more clear about the role I want RSPCT to play in the ecosystem. Fundamentally we need more good

At the next RSPCT event I’m thinking we should have two speed dating events. One similar to this one, between startups and students looking for a job. Additionally I’d like to

The first week of the quarter people choose a learning path or open source project to concentrate on. They have a technical mentor they meet once a week and talk to online. People

At different stages in people’s lives they have varying degrees of responsibility that affect the amount of time they are able to dedicate to social service. As a volunteer organization we need

Jaaga loves creativity, Jaaga loves startups and now Jaaga loves hardware! We are excited to announce the launch of Jaaga Hardware Kitchen and are calling the brightest hardware startups in Bangalore to join

I’ve been excited about the electric unicycle since I first tried my friend’s SBU at Burningman in 2012. It felt like the future the moment I sat on it. But at

This is a great time to get into software development. Software companies around the world are desparate for good programmers and there are many great classes on the internet teaching modern web and

December is here and it is a great time for us to reflect and assimilate the year gone by. 2014 has been an incredible journey for Jaaga. As Jaaga Study begins to settle

We are looking for Bangalore based founders and senior developers interested in getting to know the next generation of software developers coming up in the Bangalore tech scene now. RSPCT is a quarterly

I’m a believer in the power of the internet to improve peoples lives. To deliver on this promise though we’re going to need to dedicate some talent to it. This has

Sofy is in town and it feels like the early days of Jaaga 1 when we had residents come in and do weird techy arty kinda stuff. She’s part of a Pure

We need a mechanism to introduce new digital workers to the larger Bangalore tech community. Towards this we’re organizing regular awards events to recognize technical achievements. Specifically we’ll have awards for

Leading up to RSPCT December 6 we’re having hackathons at Jaaga every Saturday. We’ll be hacking on open source social service projects with CodeForIndia. We’ll also be helping people learn

Solid evening with Founder of Wishberry and a couple of successful campaigners talk about their take on crowd funding.

Past Sunday, we hosted Jaaga Study : Dialogue a day full of stories, Q&As and conversations between students of Jaaga Study and experts. The day started with experts sharing stories on how

Last weekend we at hosted a lovely evening with three founders – Sean Blagesvedt of, Pratiba Sastry of Microsoft Ventures and Kranthi M, UXD Labs, moderated by Dr. Tej Pochiraju. Catch the

Jaaga’s pleased to host a F.I.V.E screening.  Join us this Saturday evening!


Something’s cooking under the KH Double Road Flyover… keep your eyes peeled, next time you drive by. Making the best use of public space creatively, here come some fresh and innovative ideas

Oh yeah, startup people need to write tons of cheques…and some are just better than others at it, it seems 🙂 a

Startup Weekend Creative Edition is happening in Bangalore this weekend, June 20 – 22, at Thoughtworks in Kormanagala! This is a first of it’s kind event in India and Jaaga Startup is excited

In a recent discussion with some of our startups at Jaaga a topic that came up was cash flow.  Specifically, how to ensure timely payment by clients. You put time and effort into

We are delighted to host Verena Gerlach’s book presentation and talk on Typography at Jaaga’s Penthouse, Opp. Baldwin Girls School on Richmond Road on Saturday the 24th of May at 6:

by Suchaita Tenneti I lie loosely erect, bend as I ascend and grow thin; Arms spurt at will, speckled with faint dabs of green. Before me, my spiked sister – denser, barer, shapelier – we

We modified the daily structure a bit this quarter. Yoga: We now do 15 minutes of meditation at 7am, followed by 15 minutes of pranayama at 7:15 and 45 minutes of Yoga

Reading through Tech Crunch’s list of startups to come out of this batch of the YCombinator, here are some that I think are interesting: WIT.AI – voice recognition developer tools. With new

Right now we rely on online classes for assessment. Coursera, CodeSchool, CodeAcademy, EdX … all provide badges or certificates that represent to the world that someone understands a subject. This is great and super

Some thoughts and comments from my students after 2 months in the program: Academics: Would like more mentor led workshops and small practical projects where they use what they’re learning to make

Proverbs for Doing Battle - The Consonants** by Priya Sarukkai Chabria****** Priya Sarukkai Chabria is a poet, writer and translator. Recipient of the Indian Government’s Senior Fellowship to Outstanding Artists in Literature

1) Did you envision Mr. S. as a book with interconnected poems from a start or did the idea evolve over time? Others have written books with interconnected poems as well such as


Vivek Narayanan’s Mr S is a book that is not comfortable resting within any genre but is situated between poetry, novel, critique. It has the epic sweep of a novel that takes


The Natya & STEM Dance Kampni and Jaaga are proud to present an Arts Management Workshop with Ann Sholem, Founder, National Dance Company of Wales and a “Meet the Artist, See the Art’

March has some awesome courses lined up. The famous Machine Learning class on Coursera by Andrew Ng, from Stanford has already started. The Compilers class also from Stanford starts today (17 Mar). Another

At Jaaga Study, we have 16 students working on different courses on Web and Mobile development. This release aims at showing how different students, studying in the same environment, do these courses. This

We’re starting to have sessions where we focus on making quick money on the internet. I’m excited about this because its a clear step towards sustainability and an indication of viability.

core We’re compiling a list of the scheduled and unscheduled classes we encourage our students to take. Every day we have a dedicated 3 hours of academic training where students are expected

One of our students just got the html / css ‘master’ badge by completing the html/css track on CodeSchool. She’s a bit frustrated though because she feels she doesn’t know how

We’ve started having evening sessions on I’m a bit fascinated by the array of things you can have done for $5. There are whole categories of people doing technical

Quadcopter footage of Jaaga Study on the Pallet Racks At this point many people in #JaagaStudy have solid experience piloting and we’ve begun to use the camera to capture footage. I am


[![DSC01065](]( “Can

We have a new DJI Phantom Quadcopter at Jaaga Study. After yoga in the mornings we’ve been logging time getting experience flying and landing the quadcopter. This week we’ll attach the

We have a white board where we list all of the students with what class they’re working on, and when they think they’ll be done. We add on to the end

In creating a college like experience for people we want to help them make life long connections with interesting people from diverse backgrounds. Towards this we are encouraging international people to apply for

Tracking how students are doing is a main part of my job running the Jaaga Study program. We have had people using several different online courses to learn programming and web design. From

Last quarter we ran a ‘workshop’ for applicants to the Jaaga Study program in which we asked them to do a variety of tasks like create a website and take some of the

Based on our experience reviewing applications for the first batch of the Study program we are streamlining the application process a bit. We found that CodeAcademy did more to help us understand a

Thanks Jim Forster for the pics.

Our first batch has started and we have begun accepting applications for the next batch which will begin April 15. This time there will be a two step application process. During the first

The 2nd week of Jaaga’s Unicorn Workshop happened on Sunday, 19th Jan, 2014. We had a look at what happened the earlier week and took off from there. We already have a


It was sunny in Ahdmedabad yesterday. The Yatris arrived in Gandhinagar and were shuttled in busses to the shady grove surrounding the house where Mahatma Gandhi lived. It was a simple house, as

“Don’t think that we are doing social work. We are doing political work. Anytime you are changing mindsets you are working in politics. If I go into a village and everyone is

Goonj is a fantastic company located in the capital city. Anshu, the founder of Goonj, first realized the importance of textiles after meeting a man who was begging not for food but for

Not fully recovered from train sickness, I arrived yesterday in very rural UP, Deoria. Only three hours from the Nepali border, it was cold. We could see our breath before us like a

** **To ring in the New Year, the year of two thousand and fourteen, I had a lovely bout of train sickness. ‘What kind of sickness?’ 450 curious co-passengers wanted to know. ‘None of

“Our trees, which we were so proud of, are down, but our spirits are not!” started Joe. We were in rural Orissa on  New Year’s Eve meeting with Joe, the director of

Today we got stuck in Vijaywada on accident. The team was able to (impressively) pull together a speaker and a venue. The speaker (unimpressively) spoke about LED lights for an hour. As a

Today was my birthday and what a unique birthday it was. Last year I was skiing in the Pacific Northwest of the US. This year I was in rural Tamil Nadu learning about

It was eight o’clock, 10 hours behind schedule, when we pulled into Madurai, the town of temples. But it was not the temples we were there to see. Or at least, not

Jaaga Sundays first workshop – Why Code? Building your own portfolio. Jaaga launches Sundays, a set of workshops to help bring the worlds of Code and Design together, in the context of the web.

**With bangaloREsident@Jaaga Fabian Hesse ** Friday, January 3, 2014, 8.00 p.m. at Goethe Institut – Max Mueller Bhavan 716, CMH Road, Indiranagar 1st Stage, Bangalore 560 038 Marvel with Fabian Hesse as

As I pulled into Bangalore this morning on a bus full of my new Yatris friends, I felt a sense of pride showing my city. Our bus pulled in from Whitefield past Domlur

Ice cold water poured out of a small bucket woke me up this morning in a juugad shower stall created between plastic covered seats. I had thought myself clever for having woken up

This morning I woke up at 8am to the calls of ‘chaiiii’ in the isles of the 15th bogie in a train somewhere between Mumbai and Hubli. In our non-AC sleeper car 60

*Zoe is on the Jagriti Yatra journey across India studying social enterprise. She is (trying to be) blogging from the train about her experiences as often as possible. *   Jagriti Yatra has circumvented the

Hi Everyone, I’m excited to have you join us next month. Its going to be great. If any of you are interested in going ahead there are some core skills you could

Tomorrow at 10pm the Jagriti Yatra train will pull out of Mumbai not to return for 15 days. On board, 450 people between the ages of 20 and 27 will embark on a

If you drive along Double Road, pass the Shanti Nagar bus station, towards the dusty flyover that takes you deeper into the heart of Bengaluru, you will see a strange sight. Amidst the

[![roof off](](

The Hampi Crafts Project is looking for a junior researcher for 3 months starting January 2014. It is a full-time three-month post and suitable candidate can expect to be well remunerated. CRITERIA Can

[![Photo Credit: PInky Gandhi ](,w_200/v1510940297/DSC_8749_a1jpfj.jpg?resize=200%2C300)](

A gigantic thump called for a necessary pause ten minutes into meeting with visiting Jaaga DNA collaborators. Those of us in the Studio made full eye contact, ready to leave our electric shock We think it’s rad. We think it rocks. It’s Vyom approved and looks super great on phones. What do ya think? Sean aka the husband that codes

Jaaga deconstruction has officially begun. The Auditorium, our cavernous red heart, is now open, visible to the world. Our innards, normally concealed deep in our red and blue body, are beautifully on display

I’ve been reading up on the HackerSchool in New York. I really like their focus on ‘the love of programming’, how their program is largely unstructured, and their resident mentor program. Philip

Close my eyes Mint tea and cakes For twilight inspiration Virgin smoke fills up the air A new me at every turn, every corner And the heights tease with possibilities A new dream

I loved you I wanted mostly to hole up inside you breath with your lungs entertain your guests . you were big and pro and I’ll miss you.

This morning Gaurav came over and we talked a bit about the software development process, server administration, and core skills for professional developers. Gaurav has interesting experience having spent significant time working at

We have settled on a location for the Jaaga study program just outside Bangalore City near the Krishnamurti Valley School and the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Art of Living Ashram. We will be

In they came... first a small trickle just in ones and twos. People soon heard we were collecting them as much as they could lose. Tens and twenties, more and more In they

Jaaga Double Road, Forever entwined in my mind with the only Bangalore I know. Energy, momentum, inspiration. I look forward to growing together.

How Unusual You are Uneven too. Unfailingly, Breath taking. Confusing, On every tour. Nobody knows The doors that open Chamber of Secrets. Full of Precious nothing. Multicolored LEDs Adorn you. Etched in Memory

I love you. I feel like a barely knew you. Next time, we will graffiti you up properly, I promise.

Jaaga’s First Baby, Vyom Prasad Blagsvedt (twitter: vyompb)

Walked past the gray-lined steel columns that had over time become my friends Looked overhead and amidst beams of red these lines of gray held. Touched the evening smog on our Rooftop and

Jaaga is like being on a trampoline with pillows underneath and mangoes hanging from the sky. This was one of the gems we uncovered during our crew meeting this week as we tried

Blue lines Vertical steel punctuated. Rust breaking in spots. Feet astride holding aloft my dreams, while we ride this fantastical pirate ship to Enlightened Singularity's blue, blue skies. Oh, and did I mention

That common red chair on that dusty red floor so many feet shuffling Red ropes pulling on red canvas holding out the monsoon while around red tables laptop people hum I stared into

Dear Jaaga, It’s going to be our first anniversary of being together. This one year has seen me through photo assignments, writing, photo-blogs, playing the office DJ, meeting interesting people who eventually

** Part I** Jaaga Mosquitos You suck our blood viciously You will not be missed. Part II The Double Road pests Odomos fails to repel Our fear of dengue. Part III Goodbye Mosquitos Not

Dearest Foodys, our darling, our love, How do we love thee? Let us count the ways. We love thee to the depths of Usloor Lake, to the heights of UB city, through the

Dear Jaaga Community, We are excited to announce that Jaaga, sticking to our nomadic roots, will be moving to a new location for the second time! We’re looking for a new space

When we arrived in Cochin it was pouring rain, sheets falling heavily from the sky onto the lush coconut trees. Within the time it took to move into our hotel rooms the rain

Of Conferences and OffSites. Few have paid Rs. 500 for an Auto ride. Unlike the last conference I attended, (Learning Society’s UnConference) I was not entirely convinced about attending the INK conference.

The Jaaga team’s trip to INK Live 2013 in Cochin started with a bit of a close call making it to the train (Bangalore traffic should never be underestimated!), but we all

Browsing the software developer bootcamps the weekly time commitment struck me as overly intense with many programs demanding 70 – 80 hours a week of their students. I appreciate the rigor, but decided to

We are happy to announce that Asha Jadeja head of the Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation has agreed to sponsor two women with a 10,000 Inr. / month living stipend while they learn web

A rainbow spotlight and loud rap welcomed confused looking guests to a half finished rooftop auditorium last Monday night, the 21st. Little did these guests realize that this was to be the most

Here are some sketchup models of pallet rack structures I have built or contemplated. This was an early model of Jaaga on Double Rd. This was a model for a high density rural

Over time people in our program will have a diverse skill set. Each quarter some people will be joining from scratch and others will be continuing on from the previous quarter with 3,

I mentioned the coderetreat philosophy in a previous post. The concepts of non-attachment and non ownership seem very useful in learning environments. I will encourage students in the projects to adhere to a

Jaaga Study is a program conducted by to help people become solid software developers. Jaaga has been serving the arts and technology communities in Bangalore for over 4 years to significant

moved this to a page It costs us more than 10,000 rs / month or 1.2 Lakh / year per student to run this program. We spend this money

There are three learning tracks in the Jaaga Study Program: – server side | sysops, database, business logic, security, metrics – client side | HTML5 / CSS / Javascript + Ajax – mobile / android Each quarter fellows choose one of these

While we’re figuring out the best way to lay out all the information about the Jaaga Study program on our website, I thought I’d go ahead an keep posting ideas for

Jaaga Study, an initiative by, was recently selected as one of five global winners in the ‘Reclaim Open Learning Innovation Challenge’ conducted by the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub, the

Beneath the rickety three floors of red and blue pellet racks, behind the bus stand on the ever-gridlocked Double Road, through the serene garden café, there is an office space where things work

Hello Jaaga family! Welcome to our new site! We’ve given it a lot of love and attention so we have a completely new look. Please, take a look around and let us