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Avoid Large Freelance Projects

We’re starting to have sessions where we focus on making quick money on the internet. I’m excited about this because its a clear step towards sustainability and an indication of viability. I’m also a bit nervous, and crafted this message to the students to warn them of the hazards.

Please be careful about taking long term freelance work / large freelance projects. This type of work comes with a very passionate person whose job is to get you to spend as much of your time as possible working on their projects and ideas. At some point there will be tension between your studies, your startup, and your paying clients. To avoid this be very precise about the exact job you’re willing to do and make the gigs you do as short as possible while still producing something meaningful. This is why I like fiverr so much, and what I would like the job board to turn into eventually. To begin I highly recommend people focus on creating jobs on that exercise your technical skills and that can be done in less than 3 hours.

A rule of thumb is to not take a job that you can’t complete during your current sitting. Ie. avoid having gigs that span multiple days.

An exception to this would be student jobs where you agree to work 15 hours a week in 3 hour chunks for a software company that is clear about your situation.