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It was sunny in Ahdmedabad yesterday. The Yatris arrived in Gandhinagar and were shuttled in busses to the shady grove surrounding the house where Mahatma Gandhi lived. It was a simple house, as

“Don’t think that we are doing social work. We are doing political work. Anytime you are changing mindsets you are working in politics. If I go into a village and everyone is

Goonj is a fantastic company located in the capital city. Anshu, the founder of Goonj, first realized the importance of textiles after meeting a man who was begging not for food but for

Not fully recovered from train sickness, I arrived yesterday in very rural UP, Deoria. Only three hours from the Nepali border, it was cold. We could see our breath before us like a

** **To ring in the New Year, the year of two thousand and fourteen, I had a lovely bout of train sickness. ‘What kind of sickness?’ 450 curious co-passengers wanted to know. ‘None of

“Our trees, which we were so proud of, are down, but our spirits are not!” started Joe. We were in rural Orissa on  New Year’s Eve meeting with Joe, the director of

Today we got stuck in Vijaywada on accident. The team was able to (impressively) pull together a speaker and a venue. The speaker (unimpressively) spoke about LED lights for an hour. As a

Today was my birthday and what a unique birthday it was. Last year I was skiing in the Pacific Northwest of the US. This year I was in rural Tamil Nadu learning about

It was eight o’clock, 10 hours behind schedule, when we pulled into Madurai, the town of temples. But it was not the temples we were there to see. Or at least, not

As I pulled into Bangalore this morning on a bus full of my new Yatris friends, I felt a sense of pride showing my city. Our bus pulled in from Whitefield past Domlur

Ice cold water poured out of a small bucket woke me up this morning in a juugad shower stall created between plastic covered seats. I had thought myself clever for having woken up

This morning I woke up at 8am to the calls of ‘chaiiii’ in the isles of the 15th bogie in a train somewhere between Mumbai and Hubli. In our non-AC sleeper car 60

*Zoe is on the Jagriti Yatra journey across India studying social enterprise. She is (trying to be) blogging from the train about her experiences as often as possible. *   Jagriti Yatra has circumvented the

Tomorrow at 10pm the Jagriti Yatra train will pull out of Mumbai not to return for 15 days. On board, 450 people between the ages of 20 and 27 will embark on a

If you drive along Double Road, pass the Shanti Nagar bus station, towards the dusty flyover that takes you deeper into the heart of Bengaluru, you will see a strange sight. Amidst the

[![Photo Credit: PInky Gandhi ](,w_200/v1510940297/DSC_8749_a1jpfj.jpg?resize=200%2C300)](

Jaaga deconstruction has officially begun. The Auditorium, our cavernous red heart, is now open, visible to the world. Our innards, normally concealed deep in our red and blue body, are beautifully on display

Close my eyes Mint tea and cakes For twilight inspiration Virgin smoke fills up the air A new me at every turn, every corner And the heights tease with possibilities A new dream

Jaaga is like being on a trampoline with pillows underneath and mangoes hanging from the sky. This was one of the gems we uncovered during our crew meeting this week as we tried

Dear Jaaga, It’s going to be our first anniversary of being together. This one year has seen me through photo assignments, writing, photo-blogs, playing the office DJ, meeting interesting people who eventually

** Part I** Jaaga Mosquitos You suck our blood viciously You will not be missed. Part II The Double Road pests Odomos fails to repel Our fear of dengue. Part III Goodbye Mosquitos Not

Dearest Foodys, our darling, our love, How do we love thee? Let us count the ways. We love thee to the depths of Usloor Lake, to the heights of UB city, through the

Dear Jaaga Community, We are excited to announce that Jaaga, sticking to our nomadic roots, will be moving to a new location for the second time! We’re looking for a new space

When we arrived in Cochin it was pouring rain, sheets falling heavily from the sky onto the lush coconut trees. Within the time it took to move into our hotel rooms the rain