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To spur electric unicycle innovation and generate interest around the sport we are hosting Electric Unicycle Races in Bangalore. Tentatively races will be held Friday & Saturday March 18 & 19 2016 at

My friend Shoaona works with Magic Bus here in Bangalore. Magic bus seems to be doing a great job providing after school sports and education development for kids. A few weeks ago I

Right now I am accepting people into Jaaga Study for the quarter running January thru March 2016. This is enough for people to make significant progress towards their goals. For most people completely

We are starting to plan Code Camp 2016. It’s going to take place at Ghoomakad in Dharamshala. Map. We’ll have a range of options for accomodation. Ghoomakad itself has 8 rooms

I have been saying for some time that Jaaga Study is free, but you should expect to pay about 5,000 rs. per month for food and internet. I would like this not

I am offering a limited number of scholarships to people with existing programming experience who want to spend a few months with Jaaga Study going through the Udacity Android Nano Degree material. People

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I would like to get a coach training program going where we recruit and train young people in the local community to bring tablets into schools and run learning sessions with kids. Gear

After more than 8 hours I’m 50% of the way through the Algebra mission on Khan Academy. I have also spent some time installing and playing with KA-Lite. While I’m excited

I have been working with pallet racks for the past 12 years in a number of scenarios. The unifying factor has been a need temporary high density habitable space. LAFCO: The first structure

I’m trying to complete the Algebra Mission on Khan Academy. It’s taking quite some effort. I know most of the math, though occasionally I bump up against some things I don’

I'm looking for souls at the beginning of their adult journey figuring out how to live in this world people leaving home, spreading wings, and flying people who don't have other people immediately

There's a bit of talk in the twitter tech elite about the coming unemployment crisis that will be caused by rapid advances in AI and robotics in the near future. There is a

an invitation is sent to come spend time in nature and do what nurtures there is a description of culture like fat that comes with excess with not having to work for money

I’ve been reading in a number of places lately about different projects involving tablets and education. There are a variety of startups targeting this space. The Learning X-Prize is activating significant intellectual

[A photo posted by @freemanindia]( on Nov 4, 2015 at 2:07am PST Today we went to a local government school where we have a friend running a

Tomorrow is our first session with the local government school. We only have an hour so I want to think through how we will spend that time. My thought is to get started

Your first job matters. If you get (and do well) in your first job as a software developer, no one will care where you went to university or how well you did there.

I love email. I think better in writing than I do speaking. Phone conversations I find especially tiring because of connection problems and lack of context. The Jaaga Study application process is basically

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[#jaagastudy]( A photo posted by @freemanindia on Oct 27, 2015 at 2:28am PDT That India is ‘Developing’ makes it an exciting place to be. It is

I am much enamored with Khan Academy right now. The easy problems are easy enough so that everyone can do them. The hard problems difficult enough so that very few can do them,

Yesterday I visited some friends who are teaching kids at a local government village school and have freedom to teach how they want. I’m pitching tablets for everything and may have talked

I’ve long believed in the transformative power of Internet video. Short of direct personal interaction, nothing creates empathy like video. With the internet making videos from anyone available to everyone there’s

I would also like to invite people who are interested in going deep with yoga to come hang out with me for awhile. This is an early day with alot of spiritual practice.