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I’ve been visiting Dharamshala regularly since 2006 when AirJaldi hosted a wireless networking conference there. I’ve made good friends along the way and feel connected to the community. The last couple

One of the advantages of recent advances in technology is the reduction in labor and captial expense in getting new initiatives running. Accounting has long been a cumbersome process with peril if some

The Singularity will give a chance for the sub communities within Jaaga Study to flourish. So far I’ve been writing about how software bootcamps might work in this environment. CyberScouts has become

The Singularity is where Burningman Style camping meets software bootcamp dedication to learning new technology. Theme camps really make Burningman happen. Camps provide the tight knit community of people who really share the

Working on GLEXP has really pushed us in a positive direction. Our idea was to put tablets with world class education content on them in front of kids in the communities we live

I’ll be going back to Shen Zhen at the end of June 2017. I’ve been stopping there on my way between Bangalore and San Franscisco ever since my friends set up

I am really happy with the general environment at Jaaga Study. My basic dream from a few years ago to live in nature and help people learn technical skills from the internet has

This program combines a chatbot focused software development bootcamp with a social incubator helping entrepreneurs serve the core needs of their immediate physical communities. You can expect to learn both technical skills that

Like an ashram with an environment of discipline and self development. Jaaga Study maintains a daily routine: 7:30am Pranayama 8:00am Yoga Asana 10:00am Service 2:00pm Study 5:00pm Ecstatic

Inviting Digital Nomads to Jaaga Study. Digital Nomads – financially self sufficient through digital means with the flexibility to live and work anywhere with reliable wifi. This is a chance to live in a

Sometimes I think about Jaaga Study as if it were a festival. Our theme and vibe is one of futuristic nomadism. We use all available technology to live lightly and fabulously on the

This quarter I’m making some changes to how I run the study part of the study program. I’ve decided to give ‘scholarships’ to cover people’s living expenses during their first

Jaaga Study Residencies for Fall Quarter (October 3 – December 17) 2016. Apply ChatBots for The CodeForIndia Learning X-Prize entryThis is really just another name for the CodeForIndia Fellowship. I’m trying to gather

The CodeForIndia Fellowship will take place in Bangalore from October 3 – December 17 2016. Fellows will focus on developing bots that can help young people learn math, language and life skills. This will

I’m really happy with our school outreach program. Dolly and Ravi have been doing tablet sessions with 6 different schools and after-school programs each week here in Rakkar, Dharamshala. All the locations

This Monday I’ll start a short course on bot development with some of the people here at the Himachal Code Camp. In this course I’d like to explore some of the

David Huang came over yesterday and helped us trouble shoot some problems we’re having with the current unicycles. It’s been nice having someone with some experience around. It gives us the

pics We’ve started the CodeCamp and I’m absolutely thrilled. Ayush is a great partner to work with. Ghoomakad is a wonderful space. There is plenty of camping available as well as

I feel I finally have a bit of momentum on our submission for the learning x-prize. I’m hoping we have something very simple we can start putting in front of kids next

I’d like to reach out to high school students 15 – 17 years of age with our tablet program. This is an age group where I feel people have more capacity for learning

The goal of Jaaga Study is to introduce people to a natural way of life, help them develop a healthy productive routine based largely on yoga, and instill practical skills for creating a

**HackerRank. ** These sessions are about getting into and deepening a programming practice. I am very happy with HackerRank for this. The language tracks are great for exploring the different corners of computer programming.

RSPCT 2016 Awards Ceremony HackerRank Demo Khan Academy Coach Show Olympics Unicycle Racing Go Kart Racing Competitive Meditation Quad Copter Flying Ping Pong

Wow. We’re three days into our first week of going around to local schools and getting kids using apps on low cost Android tablets. The bulk of our tablets are the iBall

One of my goals for the tablet program is to make kids ‘power users’ of this technology. At some level this means learning how to use the tablets to add more joy to