Programs and space for creative people.

The Year Ahead at Jaaga DNA In the next year, we look to engage with communities, sponsors, cultural organizations and artists at our UFO (Under the FlyOver) spaces, creating programs and fundraising for

The start of 2016 has certainly reflected our ongoing mission of bringing together public art, urban issues and creatives. Day by day, we are exploring ways to co-facilitate public art projects where usage

Jaagas’ Founder – Archana Prasad has recently won a grant from a prestigious national arts fund to document and present the oral histories of Malleswaram. The proposal looks to interview a series of people

Jaaga DNA (Design+Networks+Art) leads urban community initiatives that leverage design, tech and art processes towards positive change-making.You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world.

I spent June and July working and traveling in Spain and Portugal. My preferred way of seeing a place is walking; walking for hours, for miles and stopping every now and then for


While I sip a Starbucks cappuccino in the land of its creation – Seattle, I drink in the city space around me. I’m very far away from my Microsoft Researcher self of 7-8

### Speed recruitment evening for social enterprises What is it? [Babajob]( and [Karmany]( are hosting an [Action For India]( pre-summit event in partnership

This is the docu-art film by Anja Lutz, our most recent German BangaloResident. Part of the Something About Books Book-launch, the film previewed at the location it was made to a very interested

Solid evening with Founder of Wishberry and a couple of successful campaigners talk about their take on crowd funding.

Last weekend we at hosted a lovely evening with three founders – Sean Blagesvedt of, Pratiba Sastry of Microsoft Ventures and Kranthi M, UXD Labs, moderated by Dr. Tej Pochiraju. Catch the


Something’s cooking under the KH Double Road Flyover… keep your eyes peeled, next time you drive by. Making the best use of public space creatively, here come some fresh and innovative ideas

Oh yeah, startup people need to write tons of cheques…and some are just better than others at it, it seems 🙂 a

We are delighted to host Verena Gerlach’s book presentation and talk on Typography at Jaaga’s Penthouse, Opp. Baldwin Girls School on Richmond Road on Saturday the 24th of May at 6:

by Suchaita Tenneti I lie loosely erect, bend as I ascend and grow thin; Arms spurt at will, speckled with faint dabs of green. Before me, my spiked sister – denser, barer, shapelier – we


The Natya & STEM Dance Kampni and Jaaga are proud to present an Arts Management Workshop with Ann Sholem, Founder, National Dance Company of Wales and a “Meet the Artist, See the Art’

March has some awesome courses lined up. The famous Machine Learning class on Coursera by Andrew Ng, from Stanford has already started. The Compilers class also from Stanford starts today (17 Mar). Another

At Jaaga Study, we have 16 students working on different courses on Web and Mobile development. This release aims at showing how different students, studying in the same environment, do these courses. This

The 2nd week of Jaaga’s Unicorn Workshop happened on Sunday, 19th Jan, 2014. We had a look at what happened the earlier week and took off from there. We already have a


Jaaga Sundays first workshop – Why Code? Building your own portfolio. Jaaga launches Sundays, a set of workshops to help bring the worlds of Code and Design together, in the context of the web.

**With bangaloREsident@Jaaga Fabian Hesse ** Friday, January 3, 2014, 8.00 p.m. at Goethe Institut – Max Mueller Bhavan 716, CMH Road, Indiranagar 1st Stage, Bangalore 560 038 Marvel with Fabian Hesse as

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The Hampi Crafts Project is looking for a junior researcher for 3 months starting January 2014. It is a full-time three-month post and suitable candidate can expect to be well remunerated. CRITERIA Can

A gigantic thump called for a necessary pause ten minutes into meeting with visiting Jaaga DNA collaborators. Those of us in the Studio made full eye contact, ready to leave our electric shock

In they came... first a small trickle just in ones and twos. People soon heard we were collecting them as much as they could lose. Tens and twenties, more and more In they