Programs and space for creative people.

The web is the new resume. We look to it to understand a person’s background, what they have created, what they are interested in, how they think, what they want, what they can do. Everything in the Jaaga Study program reflects directly on the web. At the end of the program people do not have a formal university degree, but a deep web presence that demonstrates to potential clients, partners, employers or investors knowledge and skills through source code, completed course certificates and writing.

Accordingly, we look to the web to understand the people who participate in the program. We seek people with a love for technology, who communicate well, follow directions and think creatively. In the application to the Study program we help applicants develop a web presence that demonstrates this.

Once you APPLY we assign a coach to help you. The coach will encourage you to push forward making your web profile better by adding information to your LinkedIn, sprucing up your website, or doing more exercises on CodeAcademy. The more you do the more likely you will get selected into the program.

Once you achieve the minimum requirements the program director and existing students review your information, conduct interviews, and decide whether to invite you into the next batch of the program.