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/ Freeman

On the Other Side

an invitation is sent to come spend time in nature and do what nurtures there is a description of culture like fat that comes with excess with not having to work for money for rent for food that culture comes from freedom to ask what is needed personal development art entrepreneurship social service flourish in the crack created in needing and being behind *** there is no 'other' at burningman the invitation is to express yourself the city is not made by someone else who you may or may not agree with it is you doing it you and all the other lovely and wonderful people and its gorgeous and an expression of who you are. of beauty and competence working together to create large camps with significant infrastructure to care for needs and wants burningman unfolds from shipping containers blossoms like flowers from seeds. there's a home depot shopping list and a sketchup urban plan *** There's a place just outside Bangalore brimming with the beauty of the south India country side the fast spreading virus of the Indian mega city has a definite edge that expands slowly in human time. on the other side which is still healthy rural forest, jungle and agriculture land there is good internet trucks bring water never been a better time to do solar shipping containers pallet racks plywood and tarps tents and belkin power strips electric unicycles vibrant local markets every Monday where local farmers sell their produce agriculture land leave no trace approach to development