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Android Scholarships

I am offering a limited number of scholarships to people with existing programming experience who want to spend a few months with Jaaga Study going through the Udacity Android Nano Degree material.

People can either participate on an organic farm just outside Bangalore Jan 4 – March 19. Or near Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh April 4 – May 28. In both cases we live in tents in a natural environment, with good food, and fast internet.

We strive to maintain a regular schedule doing yoga in the mornings and then study / work sessions from 10am – 1pm & 2pm – 5pm. This scholarship covers your living costs including food, rent and internet. We ask that you volunteer 10 hours a week on the farm or in the community.

You already need to be a competent programmer familiar with Java to qualify for the scholarship. We look to online programming sites like and to evaluate people’s programming ability. If you don’t have this much experience consider applying for Jaaga Study to get it.

There are only a small number of scholarships available. For the Bangalore quarter applications must be received by Dec. 14.