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Andriod Apps for Karnataka Kids

I’m hoping to visit one of the villages near the Jaaga Farm this weekend. My idea is to let kids play with some of the Android tablets I’ve accumulated. Now we’re busy downloading apps onto the devices, and I’m starting to get a sense for the variety of apps available and the complexity of running a tablet education program.

My goal for this first interaction is simply to introduce kids to the devices, so I’m installing games and videos. For games I’m leaning towards high production value puzzle games like where’s my water, cut the rope and pudding monsters rather than high twitch games like subway surfers and geometry dash.

A question I have is whether this type of involved challenge will work in the noisy environment I imagine where there are a bunch of kids fighting for access to the device under a Banyan tree.

As I go through the app store I realize there are some other categories that make sense. There are a wide variety of ‘Learn English’ apps which I feel would be popular with the community around here. Few (none?) have a Kannada to English interface. Hindi is relatively common, and some attempt to teach words with just pictures and no base language.

This also makes me think that we may need to shift our interventions so they are around a specific activity. Art, English, Math & Strategy Gaming could be topics.

The physical environment will be another factor to play with. Right now I am enamored with the idea of simply pulling up next to a large tree in the town square and letting people use the devices. To get extended meaningful interaction though we may need to separate users from gawkers.