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Academic Coach Routine

We have a white board where we list all of the students with what class they’re working on, and when they think they’ll be done. We add on to the end so it also serves as a list of classes people have completed.

We created a team for students working on CodeSchool. CodeSchool has a great dashboard with a feed of the accomplishments and activity of the team members. In the morning we check what courses people finished the previous day and congratulate them on the Facebook group.

Some students are doing CodeAcademy. We look at their profiles individually each day.

For students taking timed courses (Coursera / EdX) we check in on the class for when the quizzes and assignments are. We ping them a day before to see how things are going, and ask them how they did / what score they got afterwards.

Some people want to study something for which there isn’t an obvious MOOC. For these people we focus on the assessment. We are trying this out with HackerRank. The student commits to passing a certain challenge by a certain day, and then it is up to them to use Google to learn what they need to pass that challenge. The HackerRank public profile isn’t perfect for this, so right now we’re asking students to email us a screenshot of the challenge page when they complete it.