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A Moving Series of Fixed Points

A Moving Series of Fixed Points – A guest post by Sofy Yuditskaya

The dualities (and discrepancies) between single and multiple point perspective have always been great fun for me to think about. Single point perspective implies a viewer and a narrative. Multiple point perspective puts the viewer in a kind of non-linear plurality of an ideological space. The dichotomy between digital and analog media falls neatly into this duality; an analog signal is defined at the point of measurement (or perception), the digital signal is measured before it is perceived.


Laser light is singular. A laser shoots a single geometric point of light vibrating at a single wavelength. To read or filter the light point is also to interrupt it and keep it from getting to its intended destination. Normal light contains multitudes of frequencies, but a laser light contains a single one. Laser light cannot be filtered, it can only be interrupted completely or not at all.


Optics (a blanket term here describing objects with various reflective and refractive properties)–beyond being analog are granular, experiential mediums. The laser reflects the vibration of mirrors at which it is aimed or the constitution of optics through which it is passed. As it emerges on the other side we see the beautiful math and singular poetry of the materials described by its singular light. There is something mystical about this singularity that becomes a multitude through matter.


Optical matter lets us see and experience equations. Colors are frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum excited by photons and carried to us by materials and mediums. The single frequency of the laser color only brings out more beautifully the materials through which it reaches the eye.

pointsOfLight 720p

The moving mirrors shift the laser point and make it appear to be in multiple places at the same time. Watching a laser composition is watching the illusion of simultaneity. There is a poetry in this light which can only exist in one place at one time at one frequency, this light beam which mathematically speaking has no width and no height, and yet we see pulsations and signals. It is a visual transmission of a digital idea, a transmutation of signals.

images from yuditskaya on Vimeo.

In December 2014 I built a Tetrahedron at https:Hamsah Farm outside of Bangalore with an artist named Vivek Chokalingam. The laser was to project on the Tetrahedron so that one could be inside this transmission and get into a sort of digital bio-feedback loop with oneself. I had wanted to drive the laser with my own heart beat and with a digital clock. This part of the project was completed when I got back to NY at a residency at Signal Culture in Owego NY. At Jaaga the laser is being driven by a custom patch I made that interprets the frequencies produced by music.

Here are some images of the laser performing a clock as a waveform at Signal Culture:


The Tetrahedron was chosen as the structure shape since it is the first of Plato’s solids. Its relationship to the pyramid cannot be overlooked–the pyramidal shape is proposed by some to function as a thought incubator, accelerator of rendering the imagined real, and able to trigger and direct sexual urges, amongst other stirrings. This tetrahedron is the first in a series of solid explorations. I will be building a Pyramid on Governor’s Island in New York City this summer (2015) with the artist Ria Rajan.


This Earthly Tetrahedron is a step along the path to a heavenly sphere. It is a platform for transmissions; enacted, embodied and projected.