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Camp in the Himalayas | Work on an Android app to teach math and language skills | April 4 – May 20.
We’re still in the first minutes of the first day of the Internet revolution.
Scott Cook
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![Learning X-Prize]( We’re making progress on our [Learning X-Prize]( submission, but we could definitely use more help.

The core of the app is a simple WhatApp like chat interface. Shrini is a bot that asks simple math or language questions that encourage the user to think and practice.

Its a simple concept, but is proving effective in the small field tests we’re doing around Bangalore. The area of the app that needs the most attention right now is creating new types of math and language challenges that Shrini can ask users.

The programming necessary for this is relatively strait forward, though it does require a decent laptop capable of running Android Studio. We could also use help with the core Android app, developing the personality for the chat bot, getting our web app up, and our general development and build process.

From April 4 – May 20 we’ll be up in the Himalayas camping in tents and working on this app as part of CodeCamp. If you’re interested in participating Apply Now.