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2nd Week of the Unicorn Workshop

UnicornThe 2nd week of Jaaga’s Unicorn Workshop happened on Sunday, 19th Jan, 2014. We had a look at what happened the earlier week and took off from there. We already have a more focussed group and things are getting more interesting and challenging.

The workshop participants was a blend of interesting designers and developers – sculptors, retail managers, back-end programmer, web-designers and developers.

To make it easier to jump into actual coding and to help them understand what happens to their website design, we worked directly with HTML/CSS codes, powered by Bootstrap. We went deeper, having cleared the concepts behind a HTML framework and hierarchy, the whys and hows the HTML tags are structured. We kept the interaction to a very visual way with ‘graphic boxes’ representing various HTML elements, sections, etc.

The concept of CSS and how and when to cascade styles were practiced and it was fun seeing happy faces, when their codes turned into design in their browsers.

We are still experimenting and will mould the workshop as we go along. Let’s hope, we can put a dent into the thinking of web designers and developers on what today’s web designers, UI/UX Professionals should be.

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