Study Residencies

Jaaga Study Residencies for Fall Quarter (October 3 – December 17) 2016. Apply ChatBots for The CodeForIndia Learning X-Prize entryThis is really just another name for the CodeForIndia Fellowship. I’m trying to gather a group of people together to push the learning x-prize app forward. Our entry is based on chat bots which help kids develop their math, language & life skills. I feel it is a super important category of applications for us to develop and should also be…

We Can’t Do Perfect: A Docu-Art Film by Anja Lutz

This is the docu-art film by Anja Lutz, our most recent German BangaloResident. Part of the Something About Books Book-launch, the film previewed at the location it was made to a very interested and participatory audience. If you didn’t make it over, peek this one for sure. Sound Design by Martin Lutz – and nope, Anja and Martin are not married, not siblings, and in fact only met via this residency program 🙂   WE CAN’T DO PERFECT